VII. Guidelines for Parliamentarian[SLK1]

A.            Following appointment to office, confer with outgoing Parliamentarian to discuss responsibilities of the office and arrange for transfer of records and other materials.

(ASAP following appointment)

B.            Provide a copy of the current Constitution and By-Laws and Administrative Guidelines to new officers, Chapter Directors, and Committee Chairmen as needed.

C.            Periodically review official documents to determine revisions needed. When needed, or as directed by the Board, prepare wording for amendments, deletions or additions and submit to Board for approval.

D.            When changes in either document (Constitution and By-Laws and Administrative Guidelines) are needed, revise the document(s) with changes incorporated and distribute to all Chapter Directors, officers and Committee Chairmen. (Keep document on word processing programs when possible for easy revision.)  Make sure the Historian has the newly approved official version.

Inform President when parliamentary procedures are violated and assist with appropriate order and function of official association meetings.  Maintain a copy of the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order for easy reference to rule on questions of parliamentary procedure.

 [SLK1]Not much change

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