Chapters and Directors

District Chapter Director
D1 DeDe Jones
D2 Will Keeling
D3 Pancho Abello
D4 Janet Hurley
D5 Jehri Lynn McSwain
D6 Sandra Pierce
D7 Stacy Drury
D8 Jason Johnson
D9 Monty Dozier
D10 Monty Dozier
D11 Joshua McGinty
D12 Samuel Zapata

Campus Chapter Director
C1: MarComm/Digital Education Kay Ledbetter
C2: Agricultural Economics Emmy Kipen
C3: ALEC & RPTS Katy Gottwald
C4: Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural & Environmental Safety; Plant Pathology and Microbiology Anish Jantrania
C5: Animal Science
Poultry Science
Veterinary Medicine
Jennifer Zoller
C6: Prairie View A&M Talia Washington and Samuel Sampson
C7: AgriLife  Technology and Special Programs  Julie Gould
C8: Entomology
Soil and Crop Sciences
Special Programs
Dale Mott
C9: 4-H and Youth Development Callie Cline
C10: Family and Community Health; Food Safety and Technology, Nutrition Rachel Brauner
C11: Horticultural Sciences Monte Nesbitt
C12: Ecology Conservation Biology; Rangeland Wildlife & Fisheries Management Brittany Chesser

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