Chapters and Directors

District Chapter Director
D1 DeDe Jones
D2 Will Keeling
D3 Pancho Abello
D4 Denita Young
D5 Jehri-Lynn McSwain
D6 Sandra Pierce
D7 Stacy Drury
D8 Jason Johnson
D9 Monty Dozier
D10 Monty Dozier
D11 Karl Harborth
D12 Joshua McGinty

Campus Chapter Director
C1: MarComm/Digital Education Kay Ledbetter
C2: Agricultural Economics Emmy Kiphen
C3: ALEC & RPTS Katy Gottwald
C4: Biological and Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural & Environmental Safety; Plant Pathology and Microbiology Anish Jantrania
C5: Animal Science
Poultry Science
Veterinary Medicine
Jennifer Zoller
C6: Harris County and Prairie View A&M Talia Washington
Christina Taylor
C7: AgriLife  Technology and Special Programs Julie Gould
C8: Entomology
Soil and Crop Sciences
Special Programs
Dale Mott
C9: 4-H and Youth Development Callie Cline
C10: Family and Community Health; Food Safety and Technology, Nutrition Rachel Brauner
C11: Horticultural Sciences Monte Nesbitt
C12: Ecology Conservation Biology; Rangeland Wildlife & Fisheries Management Brittany Chesser

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