In Memoriam


The Texas Extension Specialists’ Association Lifetime Members who dedicated their lives to serving the people of Texas through educational programs of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service are remembered here and we honor their names on an engraved plaque proudly displayed in the Texas 4-H Center in Brownwood, Texas.




1975     Dr. John S. Chapin, Agronomist
1979     Shannon E. Carpenter, Dairyman
1980     Garyln O. Hoffman, Range Brush and Weed Control Specialist
1983     Dr. Kenneth E. Lindsey, Agronomist
1986     Wayne D. Taylor, Economist
1986     A.M. “Arch” Meekma, Dairy Specialist
1987     L. Austin Stockton, Jr., Horticulturalist
1988     June Cline, Leadership Specialist
1989     Charles E. Lawrence, County Officials Program Specialist
1990     Dr. Gary S. Kemph, Economist – Management
1992     James D. Booth, Communications Specialist
1992     Joe M. Rothe, V.G. Young Institute
1993     Dr. Willis B. Gass, Soil Fertility Specialist
1996     Art Gerlow, Economist – Management
1998     Edna Smith, Communications Specialist
2002    Johnny Feagan, Economist – Marketing and Policy
2003    Mary K. Mahoney, Communications Specialist
2003    Dr. Raymond Cook, Associate Professor and Extension Poultry Specialist
2004    Dorthy Taylor, Family Life Education Specialist on Aging
2004    Dr. Don Stebbins, Associate Professor and Economics Development Specialist
2006    Dr. Frank Petr, Agronomist
2007    Dr. Robert Berry, Plant Pathology
2007    Diane Welch, Professor and Family Life Specialist
2007    Marshall Crouch, 4-H Specialist
2010    Harold Clark, Communications Specialist
2011    Gordon Powell, Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Specialist
2011    Alfred G. Lane, Professor and Dairy Specialist
2011    Neil Page, Editor – Ag Communications
2012    Norman Whitehorn, Community Development Specialist
2012    Frank Orts, Meat Specialist
2012    Weedon Echols, Energy Specialist
2012    Joseph “Joe” Bryant, Professor and Communications Specialist
2013    Dr. James R. Supak, Associate Department Head – Soil and Crop Sciences
2014    Dr. Dale Pennington, Director of Soil, Water, and Forage Testing Laboratory
2014    Dr. Carl Anderson, Professor and Agricultural Economist
2015    Herbert H. Brevard, Communications Specialist
2015     Charles Julian, Farm Demonstration Assistant
2016    Dr. Roland E. Roberts, Professor and Horticulture Specialist
2016    Robert Kensing, Area Economist
2016    Elaine Ward, 4-H and Youth Specialist
2016    Dr. Earl “Max” Sudweeks, Area Dairy Specialist
2016    Sammy Helmers, Extension Horticulture
2017    Nelson J. Adams, Extension Livestock Specialist
2017    Thomas “Chip” Lee, Professor and Plant Pathologist
2017    Dr. William “Bill” Tedrick, Editor and Chief – Ag Communications and Research
2018    Dr. Jack D. Price, Agricultural Chemist and Project Supervisor
2018    H.A. Turney, Extension Entomologist
2018    Dr. Philip J. Hamman, Associate Department Head – Entomology
2018    Dr. F.C. “Buddy” Faries, Jr.; Professor and Extension Specialist – Institute for Infectious Animal Disease Control
2018    Dale Lovelace, Area Forage Specialist – Soil and Crop Sciences
2018    Dr. C. Wendell Horne, Associate Department Head – Plant Pathology and Microbiology
2019    Dr. Rupert D. Palmer, State Weed Specialist
2019    Judy Winn, Communications Specialist
2019    Henry O’Neal, Agricultural Engineer
2020    Dr. William E. Knoop, Professor and Turfgrass Specialist
2020    Dr. Robert “Rob” Hogan, Associate Professor and Economist-Management
2020    Dwight S. Hall, Horticulturalist
2020    Henry “Harry” Campbell, Associate Professor and 4-H Specialist
2020    William B. Thomas, Professor and Specialist – Animal Science
2020    Dr. John G. Thomas, State Entomologist
2020    Dr. Dave N. Weaver, Associate Department Head – Soil and Crop Sciences
2021    Fred Cross, Community Development Specialist
2021    Dr. Joe T. Lock, Associate Professor and Wildlife Specialist
2021    Dr. Don “Doug” Householder, Professor and Extension Horse Specialist
2021    Dr. Earnest E. “Ernie” Davis, Professor and Extension Economist – Livestock Marketing
2022    Dr. Harold W. Kaufman, Associate Professor and Plant Pathologist
2022    Charles W. Neeb, Entomologist and District Director
2022    Dr. James T. Davis, Fisheries Specialist
2022    Dr. J. Neal Pratt, Soil Fertility Specialist
2023    Dr. Norman L. McCoy, Plant Pathologist
2023    Dr. Fowden G. Maxwell, Professor and Entomology Specialist
2023    Dr. Calvin G. Lyons, Professor and Horticulture Specialist
2023    Dr. Warren Mauk, State 4-H Specialist
2024    Dr. John E. Bremer, Professor and Soil and Crop Sciences Specialist

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